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Infantrymen are soldiers who are specifically trained for the role of fighting on foot to engage the enemy face to face and have historically borne the brunt of the casualties of combat in wars. As the oldest branch of combat arms, they are the backbone of armies. Infantry units have more physically demanding training than other branches of armies, and place a greater emphasis on discipline, fitness, physical strength and aggression. The Infantryman himself is the weapon system. Infantrymen are distinguished from soldiers trained to fight on horseback (cavalry), in tanks, or in technical roles such as armourers or signallers, but rudimentary infantry skills are fundamental to the training of every soldier, and soldiers of any branch of an army are expected to serve as auxiliary infantry (eg., patrolling and security) when necessary. Infantry can access and maneuver in terrain inaccessible to vehicles and tanks, and employ infantry support weapons that can provide firepower in the absence of artillery...





The joining fee is R 150.00 per year, which includes a R 100.00 membership fee and Administration fee of R 50.00. Renewable 1 March. Join now and only pay the pro rata portion to the end of February 2018.

Die aansluitingsfooi is R150.00 per jaar, wat 'n Lidmaatskap fooi van R100.00 en 'n Addministrasiefooi van R50.00 insluit.  Lidmaatskap is hernubaar op 1 Maart. Sluit nou aan en betaal slegs die pro-rata gedeelte tot einde Februarie 2018.


Die SA Infanterievereniging se Nasionale Uitvoerende Raad.

Agter vlnr. AO2 Stephan Maasdorp, Brig Genl John Lizamore(President)

Voor vlnr. Maj Johann Boshoff (Nasionale Voorsitter) AO1 Jack Pearce, Kol Willem Bester, LtKol Bertus Peters (O/Voorsitter).

Ander NUR lede is; Kol Wickus vd Linde, Kol Geoff Holland~Muter, Kol Kobus Loubser, Kol Stilou Roets en LtKol Flip Marx.


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