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A poem that Mrs Noreen Kraus sent in 1987, to her son Peter Kraus, when he left for basic training at 5 SAI, Ladysmith, Kwa-Zulu Natal. 

Peter has kept this poem all these years, and has now shared it with us, his fellow veterans.


I’m proud of you, my son,

So proud that I could burst.

Think of us from time to time

Whilst the army do their worst.

You’re not a little boy now,

Running up and down the hall,

Bubbling with laughter,

Crying with each fall.


You’re a man now, my son,

And army talk is loud.

But no matter what they do to you,

I’m so proud that I am proud.

Remember that fish you caught,

Or that surf you had last week?

And holding hands along the beach

In a breeze so gently meek.


Now you’re standing to attention

And marching for their might;

Learning how to soldier,

To carry on the fight.

And if fear should ever touch you,

Or despair mark your day;

Ask Our Lord to Bless you

In prayers you’ve learnt to pray.


Ask Our Lord to show

The love we have for you.

Ask Him for protection

And the love that is your due.

I’m so proud of you, my son

But I hope the time goes fast.

For now I think each day of you

And our Memories of the past.

Peter Kraus