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Chocolate Energy Drink


  • 1 Fire Bucket
  • 3 Packets of rat-pack chocolate powder
  • Dairy Belle powder milk
  • 4 rat-pack sugar sachets
  • 2 tubes rat-pack condensed milk
  • Water bottle with water


Fill your fire bucket to the desired volume and slowly add Dairy Belle powder to the water and mix thoroughly.  Stop when the water reaches saturation point and cannot dissolve any more powder.  Add the chocolate sachets one by one and mix thoroughly. Add the sugar and yes mix thoroughly.  Lastly add the condensed milk and mix.  Consume at leisure.

The best time of day to enjoy this invigorating energy drink is early morning whilst the water in your water bottle is at it’s coolest.

On the border in ’76 this decadent drink was regarded as pure bliss but strangely enough after a month or two at home I remembered the recipe and made it again and was it disgusting ! Either the city water was different or my body did not need the sugars anymore?