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Flying Macaroni

Called up from Durban July "78 intake, caught the train at hotel command, stood in q's miles long to get onto the train, I think they had half of durbans electric units and a span of oxen to get the train moving, got on board and 2 officious looking okes in Browns came through the train, screaming blue murder at everyone, confiscating booze, biltong and scope magazines, scared the cr..p out of all of us (a corporal and a 1 pip loot), We were read the riot act, told we belonged to the "state" now, and we had to eat when told to drink when told to, piss when told to and sh.t when told to! then they served dinner! everyone I know had eaten a huge Sunday lunch with their worried mothers and girlfriends, no room for army cook food! but now what to do, we had to eat it or the gates of hell would open for us, Luckily I was sitting next to a window, so as we entered the tunnels at Dassenhoek, my food quietly left via the window,

I felt sorry for the guys not next to the window  I shouldnt have, I never saw or felt anyone lean past me, but all the plates were clean when we came out the tunnel, then all hell broke loose, banging and shouting at our door, a school friend of mine from the cabin behnd us, walked in, covered in macaroni cheese! he obviously didnt know how dangerous it was to hang out of a train window in a tunnel.