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Operation Potato Salad

We were operational in 1986 in Soweto and I was with a high speed Turbo Casper crew of select SAP Task- force excellent! 
61 Mech was also there with Ratels and what what what ...
We ran on Rat-packs and a warm white bread could be had for a bribe. 
So the boys ate only certain stuff from the rat-pack.
Major major operational inspection says we need a huge hole to burn trash in. 'SIES!!!!' 
BIG BRAINS never thought this through.
Nobody liked the potato-salad and tins piled up. So in obedience to command it all went into the hole and was fired up. 
No that’s not a hand grenade! 
That’s hot potato, fresh exploding from the tin.

Very soon all hell was to be had. Wild erratic exploding potato salad rat-pack tins. Each one sounded like a real grenade. We were near locals that must have thought that we have come fully prepared to TAKE THEM DOWN MAN!!!